• The Working Principle Of Single Phase Meter

    As long as it is needed to measure the electricity consumption, the electric energy meter will be used. The ones we hear most often are single phase meter , three-phase meter, and the like. So today we will take a look at single-phase electric meters together. The single-phase electric meter uses th... Read more

    11-03-2021 Industry News
  • Electricity Problem Of Electronic Energy Meter

    Now basically every household needs electricity, so electric energy meters such as electronic energy meter is indispensable. However, many people feel that electricity is used faster after using it, and feel that there is something wrong with the counting, which is not normal. If you suspect that th... Read more

    18-03-2021 Industry News
  • Working Principle Of Three Phase Meter

    An electric energy meter is the most basic equipment for electric energy measurement, referred to as an electric meter. A three-phase meter is a kind of electricity meter we know more about. Today we will talk about the three phase meter . Due to the different wiring methods of the measuring circuit... Read more

    25-03-2021 Industry News
  • Conversion Of Electromechanical KWh Meter

    The watt-hour meter is something we need in every household, but many people still don’t expect the watt-hour meter, today we will talk about Electromechanical KWh Meter . Electric energy can be converted into various kinds of energy. For example, it is converted into heat energy through an electric... Read more

    01-04-2021 Industry News
  • The Current Value Of The Mechanical kWh Meter

    There is still a lot of mechanical kWh meter around us. Today's focus is on the basic understanding of mechanical kWh meters. The basic currency is the current value that determines the relevant characteristics of the watt-hour meter, and the rated maximum current is the maximum current value that t... Read more

    08-04-2021 Industry News